Saturday, 26 May 2007

Sleepless In Barcelona

And there you have it, I'm in Barcelona.
I arrived yesturday morning at 4:30AM, the airport was quiet and the sun still hidden.
I hunkerd down in the airport, waiting for the world to wake. I didn't have a hostel for the night, and there was no point in venturing into the city at that ridiculous hour. So there I waited, trying to catch so valuable hours, if not minutes of sleep...but sleep never came.
The airport slowly began to come alive around 7:30,
I had decided I was going to tent it on the beach, the Mediterranian waves crashing, stars shining. Besides it was only for one night, I had a hostel booked for the next few nights. However after a few long exhausting hours in an airport, camping under the stars doesn't sound so appealing, and I still had the rest of the day to look forward to. I quickly hopped on the internet and began the frantic search for a hostel in the downtown area...they were all booked.
Perhaps a hotel then, slightly more expensive but it would be worth it for a hot shower and a comfy bed.
I had to pick up the girls at the train station downtown so I found a hotel near there, grabbed a few euros at an exchange hut, jumped in a taxi and away I went.
The hotel was a literal 50metres from the train station and they just so happened to have a relatively cheap, (in comparison to other hotels) room ready for me.
The hotel was beautiful, The Torre Catalunya Gran Hotel, The room came equiped with a two showers, a bath tub, two double beds, a television and view of half of Barcelona city. It wasn't too bad ;).
After settling in I began to explore the rest of the hotel, it was then thatI discovered the resturant on the top floor.
Situated on the top floor, the entire outside wall consists of windows, providing an amazing view of the entire city and surrounding area. And it just so happened to be serving an all you can eat breakfast, equiped with every breakfast to brunch food you could possibly imagine.
Everything from hashbrowns, to freshly cut deli meats, to chocolate covered pastries, to fresh fruit lay before my greedy little eyes and hungry stomach.
Needless to say I got my moneys worth.
I retired to my room catching a valuable hour of sleep before my requested wake-up call did just that.
It was time to venture over to the train station and find a meeting spot.
After much work (I vastly regret not taking Spanish in highschool) I finally found the train platform and it wasn't long before Kristin and her friend Kerry appeared.
After a short greeting we found our way to the underground system and went on our way to their hostel.
The underground ride was quiet as sleep remained a distant dream for all of us.
We soon found their hostel, they got settled and we decided on a night of exploring this forgien city.
We walked and talked, trading stories, getting increasing lost in the streets of Barcelona and enjoying each others company.
After much aimless walking we found a Starbucks, (a much needed stop) as well as a Subway. We decided dinner was much needed and grabbed a couple subs.
We continued our walk after dinner and spotted some spotlights in the sky, instictively we decided to head towards them, and after much walking, we discovered the source. A fantastic parliment like building with a large fountain in front of it.
The fountain had drawn quite a crowd as it threw water about in step with classic music which was being belted out from the center of it. It was quite amazing.
After the show we decided it was time for bed, so we hopped on the metro system, I dropped off the girls and I headed back to my hotel.
I checked out the next morning and made my way over to the downtown core, grabbed a bite to eat at a cafe and waited for the girls before checking into my new home for 4 nights.
That day we continued to explore, hopping on a tourist bus and seeing some of the "must see" sights of Barcelona.
This place is a very beautiful city. (Pictures to come).
That night we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe just off the main strip and enjoyed a very "Americana" meal after which it was time for sleep.
I have enjoyed sleeping in Barcelona, I didn't sleep much in Egypt, so I seem to be making up for it here.
Yesturday was beach day, we hopped on a train for 45mins to a place called Sitges, where the beaches are beautiful and the Medditerainian waves pound the shore.
I spent most of the day frying myself to a deep red colour, both on the beach and in the ocean.
I paying for it today.
After several hours out in the lovely town of Sitges, we came back to Barcelona for dinner, a couple drinks and more sleep.
And today here I sit, my final full day in Barcelona.
The ladies travel tomorrow bright and early and my goal is to bump up my flight to Egypt.
I am suppose to fly out of Madrid on the 1st of June, spend 24 hours in Cairo again and finally hop on another flight down to Entebbe.
If possible though, I would love to fly out either tomorrow night or on the 31st, spend a couple extra days in Egypt and then head down to Uganda.
We'll see what my travel agent has to say however.
Alright, this is it for now.
Grace, Peace and Blessings,

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