Friday, 18 May 2007

Lost In The Moment

It seems a lot of my posts have been rather serious lately,
I'm not going to apologize about that, however, I think it is time to lighten the mood for a moment.

I can't say it enough, Egypt is continuing to grow me and shape me and I'm beginning to love it here. I know God is doing some amazing things here at Maadi Community Church and I very much want to see that.

I've been indulging in many adventurous activities here as well, it's not all fact, there has been a very healthy balance of play as well.
I've taken dinner cruises down the Nile river,

I have sailed on a couple Faluccas down the river,

I've been to the Giza pyramids 5 times including once on camel back.

I;ve crept into the heart of these monsterous structures and seen people of all cultures conversing in which once was someones overgrown tomb.

I;ve ventured through tombs, seen mummies, and seen their life stories written out in hyrogiphs.

I've driven through cities of garbage, and cities of crypts.

I've seen churches carved into the walls of a canyon.

I;ve ridden horses through the desert, at night. Watched the pyramid light show from the sand dunes, on horse back.

(Pictures to come)

I've wined and dinned with the who's who at the British Embassy.
I've dodged Egyptian traffic, biked my way through a maze of streets and cars.

I;ve climbed my way up and elevator shaft to the top of my building just to take photos.

I've eaten at more resturants then I can count, eaten the Egyptain staple foods, and the delicousies, including bird tounge soup.

I've made friends with ex-hit men, diamond smugglers, Marines, military, security officials and taxi drivers.

I've enjoyed everything I've seen and done here in Egypt but it seems as if you would need a full life time to see and do it all. I've hardly ventured outside of Maadi and Cairo and I still haven't see it all here.
Mount Sinai is here, the valley of the Kings and Queens, Luxor dam, all recommended, however it's just too far and I;m too busy to get down there.

The history in the place is amazing, the people in the place are awesome and God is doing some amazing things.

Please pray for Egypt,

Grace, Peace and Blessings,

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Anonymous said...

You certainly are getting around. What a great experience. Keep taking pictures.