Tuesday, 8 May 2007

A Reflection From Egypt...

So I've been here for over a week now,
I've seen a lot of the sights, I've been exposed to the culture, there's been excitment, drama and action...
I could write a book, but a blog will have to do for now.
I've meet some great people here in Egypt, and they've kept me pretty busy in my down time...and that's a good thing. I like to stay busy, and social.
The other night we went to the bizzare downtown Cairo. Narrow streets, clogged with people and dust, with shop vendors every 5 meters.
There are a lot of things to see, and even if you're not into that kind of thing, it's an experiance.
The night consisted on myself and friends here (who happened to be women) walking, exploring and buying all sorts of loot.
It's a different culture here. Every store we past it was either, "I have what you looking for? What do you need?" or "Come here and I make very special price for you." To which we tended to have sarcastic replies.
They were in your face and they were physical, however, when I had had enough all I had to do is growl the word "Shokran" (Thanks but no thanks) and wave my hand and the men would back of with a "Sorry, sir."
The girls on the other hand had no such luck, no matter how forceful, no matter how frustrated they were, the sales men were relentless...I think this is why they brought me along.
After a short while, I would growl "Shokran" and every and anyone who approached us trying to sell something, at which point they backed off, it was then that the girls would decide if they wanted anything or not.
I must say it was kind of fun playing my authority roll but it got old quick.
The other part of going out with a bunch of women, is the fact that the men stare...
The metro (their equivilant to the skytrain/subway) ride there were men who sat down right next to the girls, uncomfortably close, and in the bizzare the men offered me camels to marry the women "I give you 200 camels for that one!" They would yell.
How is that right anywhere?
Cultures clash, and there seems to be little room to work inbetween...
Egypt has thus far been an amazing, eye-opening and testing experiance.
Only God could prepare me for what is happening here.
He is working here in Egypt, (He is working everywhere) it's strong here, you can feel it.
I look forward to the things the Father continues to teach me, and how He continues to mold me.
I hope all is well back home, I apologize for the lack of communication.
I'll work on staying on top of that from now on. It's daunting when I'm behind a couple days, so much happens in a day here.
I'll work on it.
Grace, Peace and Blessings,

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