Thursday, 24 May 2007

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

So here I stand, bags packed, friends behind me, ready to board a plane again.

I've fallen in love with the work I have been doing here in Egypt, with the friends that I have made here and now I'm boarding another plane and leaving.

Was three weeks enough time here?

Not by any stretch of the imagination, it was just long enough to get a small taste of what Egypt has in store.
There are so many flavours here, only God could have dreamt up such a place as this...and now I'm leaving.

They say you should never look back because you never know what lies ahead, but it's impossible not to, just as it was impossible not to when leaving home.

Am I excited to keep traveling?

Yes of course. I know I have so many more adventures ahead of me, so many more chances to grow within myself and within my relationship with God. I want to continue traveling, exploring the world and walking the path that God has set before me but I also want to return to Egypt.

I have applied for an internship here within the Outreach and Development department at Maddi Community Church, and I have been praying that God will give me the chance to fulfill that role, it's just a waiting game now. Waiting and praying.

As I stand again at the edge of comfort I can take knowledge in the fact that God will never lead me astray, He has His hand in my life and as long as I chose to go where He leads I will be Blessed.

Please continue to pray for me as I embark on my next journey.

Grace, Peace and Blessings,


VonPacey said...

Hey Brent,

Wow I can't believe that you've been gone for 3 weeks, it's gone so fast. From the sounds of it, your learning and experiancing more than what anyone could possibly imagine, and having fun at the same time. Okay well have fun in your next destination, you'll always be in my prayers, and may God shine through more than He already does.

God Bless and Peace Out,

Shortstuff said...

Oh brent I am so sorry you have to leave a place you fell inlove with, as you know I understand the feeling.I hope this next place will be one for debrief before you journey into a new environment, oh how I wish I were there in Uganda right now. We will talk soon, keep safe!

Donna Pike said...


An amazing have memories to last a lifetime and adventures that will be told time and again!

Congrats on the big climb! Whew! I got worn out reading about it.

Take care.....