Monday, 27 August 2007

Smooth Sailing

With a title like that I shouldn;t have to write much else.

I am here...or there, which ever way you care to look at it.

I landed in Cairo, Egypt at 12:41AM Egyptian time...10:41PM Yesturday for you folks on the West-coast.
Unlike my last journey, I made it soundly through security, picked-up my bags and my bike and met my friend outside the gates.
The wash of desert heat covered me as I stepped into the night air, it's not something you can really prepare for. At 1 in the morning, the 25 degree heat messes with your senses.

We loaded up the car and drove towards Maadi, through the streets crawling with night life.
Traffic, no stop lights, blarring horns, and yelling. Welcome back to chaos.

I'm staying with a young family here in Maadi. They have two cats, a 11 month old little girl and one on the way.
They were asleep when I arrived, and we tip-toed around the apartment as not to wake them...They returned the favour in the morning.
I was to sleep on the couch for the first few days, they had guests. It won't be long untill I move into the currently occupied penthouse apartment.
The family left me a note, some water and a granola bar and after devouring all but the note, I went to bed.

I awoke at quarter to 12 in the morning to the sound of the maid, busily cleaning the house.
I dressed introduced myself and then headed out towards the church.

40 degree heat greeted me outside.

The church is a short walk away, maybe 10 minutes...I got lost.
I met many new staff and saw many more familiar faces.

Once arriving home again, I finally met the family. A very friendly American couple, and a very cute, very talkitive little baby.
We sat and ate dinner together and learned a little about eachother.

It's a great little set up I have here, a good couple to stay with, a great apartment and some amazing work ahead of me.

I'm looking forward to all the Egypt has in store.
That's all for now.

Grace, Peace and Blessings,

Sunday, 26 August 2007

English Breakfast Anyone?

Once agin I find myself writing to you from London Heathrow Airport...Terminal 4.
After a relatively eventless flight and a sleepless night, I'm on the brink of Egypt...One flight to go.
I've hunkarded down in a little resturant, and I'm greeted by the smell of a traditional English breakfast...with a chocolate milkshake, my own little twist.

I'm tempted by the Enlgish chocolate the lines the hallways of the airport, and a flash of Prision Break Season 2 in the window of HMV has caught my attention.

From all over the world, different languages, saying good-bye, shouting hello.
There's fear, stress, nervousness and excitment. Whether it's seperate or mixed, it hangs in these halls.

I'm beginning to feel as if I'm a veteran of traveling now...this is my fourteenth flight in the last 4 months.
I haven't quite decided what I'm feeling just yet, but I think it can be described as the "in-transit".
I'm not yet excited, it's on hold untill I arrive, there's still things to deal with.
I'm not nervous, though I'm sure when I land in Egypt I will be...if not right away then as soon as we get in the car, driving there is a test of nerves for anyone.
It's just the sense of what needs to be done, check-in, get on the flight, get my visa, get my bags, get to my ride...and then I can breathe.

For now I'm going to dig into my breakfast and wonder these halls.
I'll post again shortly after reaching Egypt.
For now,
Grace, Peace and Blessings,

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Walk Like An Egyptian

Dear family and friends,

And there you go, already your minds are racing, ‘a generic greeting, followed by a corny joke. He never sends us letters, he’s must be asking for something again.’

It seems I just returned from one of my adventures, it’s true. I still haven’t begun to process all that God has shown me from my two and a half months on the continent of Africa. However, the truth of the matter is, I do not think I will ever be able to wrap my mind around those experiences, as brief as they were.

During my time in Egypt I was invited to apply for an internship offered by Maadi Community Church. The position would be in the Outreach and Development department of the church, at which I will start as a general intern until I begin to shape and focus my interests and heart on to one particular project or ministry.
I was accepted and given time to re-evaluate my commitment to this opportunity.
I spent several weeks in talks with God, as well as friends, family and mentors, discerning where my heart truly lay.
I have decided it would not only be in my own best interest to go to Egypt for this year, but I believe it is also in God’s plans for my life.

That said, having spent a month in Egypt previously, I can already safely say my interests will be focused on the Sudanese Refugee Schools in the Maadi area.
I witnessed first hand the struggles these children faced in attaining a proper education in a setting which is both nurturing and inviting.
I feel that no child should have to fear going to school, nor miss meals to provide the funds for education.
You can not teach hungry, scared children.

Yes, I may sound naive to some. I know I can not change the whole world at once, however I can fight to better parts of it, over time.

I believe Maadi Community Church is the perfect place to facilitate my ideas and drive, while providing a sound Christian community and teachings for my foundation.

Having said all that, this is the interactive part of the letter.
I can humbly say that I cannot walk this path alone. Both the financial and spiritual commitments are too heavy for me to bear alone.
I am asking for your help.
The cost of this internship will be $9,000 CAN, which will include my flights to and from Cairo and all my costs for the year in Maadi. All donations are tax-deductible if made out to “Maadi Community Church” with “Brent White’s Internship” labeled in the memo slot.

While money is an important matter, it is only a temporary thing. Above all else, I would value your prayers while I am gone.
I know this will be a time of deep spiritual learning and shaping and I ask that you would continue to pray that God use me and mold me towards the man he wants me to be.

Off one plane and on to another.
God has called me, and I have been blessed to be called at such an early stage in my life.
I have been more so blessed to have such a strong, loving base of family and friends.

Thank you for your prayers and support and most of all for your friendship.
May God Bless you and keep you,
Grace, Peace and Blessings,

Brent White


A letter can only say so much. I would love to hear from you in person. Please feel free to give me a call anytime at 604-836-2082 or email me at I will also be continuing my blog while in Egypt, the address is