Sunday, 26 August 2007

English Breakfast Anyone?

Once agin I find myself writing to you from London Heathrow Airport...Terminal 4.
After a relatively eventless flight and a sleepless night, I'm on the brink of Egypt...One flight to go.
I've hunkarded down in a little resturant, and I'm greeted by the smell of a traditional English breakfast...with a chocolate milkshake, my own little twist.

I'm tempted by the Enlgish chocolate the lines the hallways of the airport, and a flash of Prision Break Season 2 in the window of HMV has caught my attention.

From all over the world, different languages, saying good-bye, shouting hello.
There's fear, stress, nervousness and excitment. Whether it's seperate or mixed, it hangs in these halls.

I'm beginning to feel as if I'm a veteran of traveling now...this is my fourteenth flight in the last 4 months.
I haven't quite decided what I'm feeling just yet, but I think it can be described as the "in-transit".
I'm not yet excited, it's on hold untill I arrive, there's still things to deal with.
I'm not nervous, though I'm sure when I land in Egypt I will be...if not right away then as soon as we get in the car, driving there is a test of nerves for anyone.
It's just the sense of what needs to be done, check-in, get on the flight, get my visa, get my bags, get to my ride...and then I can breathe.

For now I'm going to dig into my breakfast and wonder these halls.
I'll post again shortly after reaching Egypt.
For now,
Grace, Peace and Blessings,


Matt said...

Great to have an update Brent - hope the airport shops treat you well until your departure!

Brock said...

English breakfast?
what are we talking here...
fried tomatoes and a beer?

Rosie said...

hey we have more class than that! english breakfasts are great!

brent it seems you failed on your task, and also on supplying yourself with english chocolate i shocked! you'd better do your task quick otherwise you will have a angry me on your hand.. you cant say you haven't been warned!

all the best for your year! i hope you flight gets you there safely!