Monday, 27 August 2007

Smooth Sailing

With a title like that I shouldn;t have to write much else.

I am here...or there, which ever way you care to look at it.

I landed in Cairo, Egypt at 12:41AM Egyptian time...10:41PM Yesturday for you folks on the West-coast.
Unlike my last journey, I made it soundly through security, picked-up my bags and my bike and met my friend outside the gates.
The wash of desert heat covered me as I stepped into the night air, it's not something you can really prepare for. At 1 in the morning, the 25 degree heat messes with your senses.

We loaded up the car and drove towards Maadi, through the streets crawling with night life.
Traffic, no stop lights, blarring horns, and yelling. Welcome back to chaos.

I'm staying with a young family here in Maadi. They have two cats, a 11 month old little girl and one on the way.
They were asleep when I arrived, and we tip-toed around the apartment as not to wake them...They returned the favour in the morning.
I was to sleep on the couch for the first few days, they had guests. It won't be long untill I move into the currently occupied penthouse apartment.
The family left me a note, some water and a granola bar and after devouring all but the note, I went to bed.

I awoke at quarter to 12 in the morning to the sound of the maid, busily cleaning the house.
I dressed introduced myself and then headed out towards the church.

40 degree heat greeted me outside.

The church is a short walk away, maybe 10 minutes...I got lost.
I met many new staff and saw many more familiar faces.

Once arriving home again, I finally met the family. A very friendly American couple, and a very cute, very talkitive little baby.
We sat and ate dinner together and learned a little about eachother.

It's a great little set up I have here, a good couple to stay with, a great apartment and some amazing work ahead of me.

I'm looking forward to all the Egypt has in store.
That's all for now.

Grace, Peace and Blessings,


Brock said...

eat the note.

Brent White said...

Don't tempt me

peace said...

You are a great writer Brent - keep those posts coming they are interesting and entertaining at the same time. You are also educating those of us that have never been there...

God bless!

Jamie MacD.

PS Hi from Matt - heard from him on Thursday night and he had a good first 10 days of work. The camp life is good lots of good meals and no place to spend any money. He hasn't been defeated in the evening ping pong tournaments yet.