Sunday, 2 September 2007

A Comfortable Discomfort

It's funny how...
No matter how far away you are from home, no matter how different the place you're in, or no matter what surrounds you, you still have the choice whether or not to engage or stay at arms length.

I'm in Egypt,
It's dirty, it's hot and it's dusty.
The language is problematic, the culture is forgein and call to prayer brings everything to a stop.
It's different here, but it's beautiful all the same.

I love it here in Egypt, it's stretching, it's not always easy but it's nessesary.

This internship I have chosen to take part in subjects us to the harsh reality that is a broken world.
We are given the opportunity to engage a part of life, a part of this world which brings us beyond our comfort zone, and in some cases shocks us to our core.

It shakes us to our moral core, and brings in to questions what really is right and what is wrong and what is "wrong" because we just don't want to face it.

It seems a lot of time to face something, to question some things, allows God to present us with an opportunity to change.

Am I being blunt, or criptic?

One persons negatives are anothers way of life.

Who am I to ask for a change which better suits me and my western ideals?

I have been presented with a beautiful home here in Egypt. Thanks to the beautiful family I am staying with and the items from home which I have brought, I could chose to be very comfort and trust me, there will be days in which I will chose to.
To stretch too far is to break but to make a habit of it is to ignore God and His calling on our lives.

Grace, Peace and Blessings,

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Lee said...

Hi Brent, the PPAC portables are empty and ready to be moved so I'm working from home & just read your latest entry. I can relate to your adjustments from the years I spent in Liberia. Your love for the people will continue to grow and they will also teach you a lot.
I am putting prayer requests in the bulletin so let me know of any urgent needs at my PPAC email; I'll continue to check your blog.
We'll miss your cheerful face & helpful spirit around here.
Many blessings, Lee