Friday, 29 May 2009

It Makes The World Go Round...

Money is an amazing thing,
It holds such a power over us,
It dilutes our understandings of life, love and what truly matters,

When it does not put us out, we are generous to share,
But God forbid we should face financial instability,

As the world begins to count its pennies, people are dying,
As we begin to make 'cut-backs' in "OUR" lives, millions suffer

Uganda is a beautiful country,
And while it is a country that is striving, it is still very dependent,
But there is hope,

On the drive to Kampala today I noticed the sign for a school,
Each school here has it's own motto and this one caught my eye,

"Knowledge-Our Hope"...if only you knew,
That the price of that cup of coffee could pay your school fees,
That filling up my gas tank could cover the cost of HIV treatments,
That my "tiny" room back home in Canada, is bigger than your house for 8,

You wouldn't think of me as a saint little one...

Forgive us...
We forget, we don't realize,

As we think twice about our monthly pledge, that this is our life, and the lives of so many,

They are more than programs we sponsor,
They have life altering ramifications,

And while the buildings will stand, bricks and mortar paid for,
The lives of the children inside will forever change,

What is love without good deeds?
What are good deeds without love?

We were called to look after the widow and the orphan,
How can we deny this?

Grace, Peace and Blessings,

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