Monday, 25 May 2009

Another Chapter Closes

A day of saying good-byes,
They are getting easier, and I’m not convinced that’s good thing,

There’s something about not knowing if or when you’ll ever see someone again that make good-byes so crucial,

The Sudanese, my class and fellow footballers, facing the decision of going back to Sudan or continuing to endure in Egypt,

The Ex-pats, a group of people representing all corners of the globe and who never settle for long,

And finally my Egyptian friends, representing all walks of life,

So many people and here I sit clinging to a toilet bowl, praying to God that my stomach settles enough to venture out in the 45 degree heat,

There’s nothing flattering about this, of everyone I had planned to say good bye to, of everyone I was making an effort to see, becoming this intimate with the porcelain was not on my agenda,

Though it does provide an excellent chance to think of better times…but let’s be honest with ourselves, anything in Egypt is better than this

The phone rings, and plans are made, I will not be held hostage by this tile floor any longer,

Once in a taxi, sitting in the sea of Cairo traffic, my plans are immediately brought to question, but through perseverance, I pull up to my favorite place, the Khan,

What would a final day in Egypt be without the Khan, and the friends who work here,

Handshakes, hugs and farewells…and then more plans,

What would a final day in Egypt be without a midnight horseback ride by the pyramids,

My friends here at the Khan have been looking for an excuse to try such a thing, and it seems that my departure is an apt reason,

And so as the sun sets over Cairo, I pray to God that my stomach can bear the feat,

Stars, sand, a rouge horse, a few tumbles and 9 pyramids later, and again we say goodbye,

All nighters…Cairo truly never sleeps and neither will I tonight,

Tomorrow I’m Uganda bound,
And I couldn’t be happier,

Grace Peace and Blessings,

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