Wednesday, 29 April 2009

And We're off...

When I say "we're" I really mean me and "off" really meant heading back to Egypt,

I sit now, as the sun slowly sets over the beautiful place that I have call home, staring out the windows at YVR.

The only thing that stand between me and that dust filled place is a trans-Atlantic flight, some very burley security men and the ominous customs line-up.

The real question is, "Will they let me back in?"

Apparently some of my antics were less than appreciated during my last stay, and we're not too positive that the mosque dotted mother land will be as hospitable as last time.

Never the less, I'll stand at the door and knock...we'll see where it gets me.


The Smith's said...

Good luck Brent, We miss you already. Watch out for the cavity search.

Brent White said...

Haha you would say that,
PS Still don't have you on Skype