Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Rhetorically Speaking...

A generation of wanders,
With a heart to do “God’s will”, yet clueless to see where they fit into the grand picture,
Whether a path is right,
Whether their hearts align with God’s,

Born out of good intentions and a love for Christ, yet this hesitance turns to a plague,
Afraid to be led astray,
Afraid to leap without a sign,

As one fails to act, the world continues to spin,

The cords of injustice tighten and the shackles of the oppressed grow ever increasingly heavy,
The glisten of freedom within this life, seems to fade.

The world continues to spin, struggles continue to arise, and without a generation to stand upon Gods promise, the Evil One rejoices,

Is God silent admits the strife,
Why does He not point the chosen path?
We need not a booming voice, but only a clear sign to show us “what is right”

Thousands of callings,
Thousands of paths,
Each different, each diverging,

‘You are the God that created us,
You know us better than we know ourselves,
“I know the plans I have for you,” you said,
Just show us the way!’

As urgency arises, we call out in desperation,
We know the way of the world,
We want to stand for you Lord,
We just need only to know where…and how

We are fearfully and wonderfully made,
Yet fearful to look inside ourselves,

Could it be the answer lies with us?
Could it be that God doesn’t have anything inparticular?

What would it look like to follow a path that we want,
Would it be wrong?
Would it be self-indulgence?

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