Friday, 22 June 2007

Alive And Well

Alright so I've come up for some air,
I figured a couple weeks without any blog activity may have caused a couple people to start worrying (ie. my parents)
First of all, sorry for the lack of communication, I have not found myself with a lot of time to sit at a computer.
Secondly, internet here is very slow.
I've tried postng a couple times but the posts and emails have timed out.

So a quick update from Uganda.

I spent my first two weeks here with the Jeff and Shannon and their three little ones.
I ventured into Jinja for a five days to visit, raft and bungee into the Nile river and oh wow do I have some'll have to wait for.

The time spent at the 10 acres was preping for not only the arrival of the team but also 20 young kids which now call Suubi house their new home. (Until I find a way to sneak them home.)

I've been busy, God is good and I am healthy.

Lots of things to think through and process however.

The team is here and busy, it's a great team and they are thriving.

Time is running out.

Will post again soon.

Grace, Peace and Blessings ,



Sara said...

Missng you guys!

Rosie said...

Hey Brent
Its so good to be able to keep up with the wonderful work your doing and crazliy cool experinces :)
Cant wait to catch up in Van. sometime soonish, fingers crossed! Unless you ditch Canada before I get back.
Your in my prayers
Jim x