Monday, 2 April 2007


So the common concern seems to be that I'll fall off the face of the planet for the 2 and a half months that I'm gone.
Therefore, to calm the fears of...well my parents, this blog has been created.
I'm hoping to Update it as frequently as possible during my trip (keep in mind that I am in Africa, and reliable internet spots are few and far between).
So follow if you will as I embark on this adventure of mine.
Grace, Peace and Blessings,


Brock said...

you best take a camera with you.

Shortstuff said...

Hey Brent, you know this is Anna. Iam quite excited for you and thoruoghly proud of you for pursuing this journey of yours, and no to mention jealous, You will do great! And do not worry you will not fall off the face of the earth because you always got your friends here in Canada. Do me a favor though, kiss the children for me please!

Rosie said...

you know how jeaslous i am already, and now i have this blog to follow and get even more jealous! but atleast i guess i can be glad that it will/if you get to the interner provide a way to keep in touch with africa. one day one day! your a harsh guy.. :P go be there for me. i praying for you.. you'd better have the most amazing time ever..

mark said...

Brent... have an awesome time in Africa. I still so want to do this sometime, maybe in a couple years. Or once I'm out of school. Good luck bud.