Sunday, 29 April 2007

London Calling

Losing Battery so we'll make this quick,
Safe and sound in London,
Rather uneventful flight,
Waiting for my gate to Egypt...
Thanks for the prayers.
Grace,Peace and Blessings,


Jack said...

Thanks for the update, I guess this Bloggy thing is alright, but don't think it lets you off the hook from phone contact.
Looking forward to HEARING your safe and sound in Egypt.
Proud of you Son, God Bless, Love You.

mom muzungo said...

Just got in from spending the day with Linda and Bill. They send their love.
Its 10:30 - you must be in Egypt now.
John's sermon was excellent today -The Holy Spirit.
Worship was great. We said goodbye to Phil today as he goes on his 4 month sabbatical.
Spoke to Grandad this morning. Its his 77th birthday tomorrow. He is doing well. They have moved into their new place. I told him you had left. He says he might get internet again so he can read your blog. (I'll believe it when I see it) I hope he does. I know he would enjoy it.
Your dog spent the whole night on your bed. Maybe tonight he will clue in or, he will camp down there for the next 2 1/2 months.
Anyway, thinking of you. (naturally)

Lynn said...

Hi Brent,
We just dropped Kristin and Kari of at YVR along with the butterflies and lack of sleep.
I'll be watching your Blog for "frequent" (no pressure)updates. Blessings to you and give our greetings to the Derksens.

Dwayne B. said...

Brent - great to see you're alive and well in Cairo. Say a big hello to Murray and Michelle and their clan. I'm looking forward to traveling along with you as you visit Egypt, Uganda, and Tanzania. How's the Cairo spring heat?

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