Monday, 15 October 2007

Ramadan Halas

The new moon marks the end of fasting and ushers in a time of celebation...
Fire crackers pop, mosques echo and Muslims find satisfaction in a full table.

Ramadan Halas...
Ramadan is over for yet another year.

Let there be eating in the streets,
May there be flowing water,
And let us enter the chaos that is عيد الفطر (Eid ul-Fitr), 'The Festivity of Breaking The Fast'.

For Muslims, this is a week of eating with friends and family and reflecting on god.
For everyone else, 'it's time to get out of Dodge.'

Eid ul-Fitr presents a time of rest for all, as it is a week long holiday for most Muslims.
Meaning most stores and business close.

I took advantage of an opportunity to hike through the mountains and valleys surrounding Mount Sinai.
Climbing with friends, encountering God in the amazingness of His creation.

It was a time of much needed rest, quiet contemplation and fellowship as we weaved our way through dry river valleys, climbed and scampered our way up and over daunting mountains, and discovered the secret beauty of hidden garden oasis'.

Our three days in the mountains was guided by a local Bedouin man, who we affectionately gave the title, "Bad Ass Bedouin."

A man who spent the first day hiking without food or water, never missing a step as he gently tread over loose rock and up steep slopes in nothing more then a humble pair of sandles.
This is a man with feet like leather, hands like asbestos and a worn face that tells the tales of a life in the mountains.

A man that is constantly surrounded by the awe of God's creation and yet continues to bow before idols.

Islam, Lucifers twisted creation, a chilling deception.

How can something point so bluntly towards God and yet be steered so far away.
So far away from His true love, and mercy and sacrifice.

For many here, the end of Ramandan is God's great mercy, a sad extent.

Time on the mountain is reflective, quiet praise and contentment...

*Enter Cairo*

It's nothing short of astonishing...the vast differences and the subtle similarities.

Life here is busy, days are never the same but things are always entertaining...depending on how you spin it.

The only things you can rely on here are your friends and call to prayer.

The echo from a dozen minarets encompasses the sounds below.

I never knew God was hard of hearing... until I arrived here. (Excuse my sarcasim)

The sound of's scary how to some, it sounds like freedom.

God is always good though, and while their god refuses to act,
Mine is constantly at work, constantly pursuing, standing ever faithful, and loving.
My God hears my whispers and humbles me at my shouts...I need not shout,
While their god sends only prophets, mine sent Himself and remains with me still.

Who could ask for more?


scott dickie said...

listen here punk.....if you don't get on the ball and figure out a schedule so we can chat more I'm going to kick your egyptian butt all the way down to South Africa and back!

Consider yourself warned.

PS. Good blog...great writing...praying that you will continue to encounter our God who speaks.

Brock said...

great post Brent, love the writing.
With all this hiking and pool frisbee should i expect you to look like a weight-lifter when you get back?
ciao mang.